Death Sentence

What would you do if you were just told you only had a few months to live?  Would you give up or would you try to do as much as you can in the time you have left?

In the last few days, I have found out that several people I know are struggling with very serious medical issues and it has me thinking about how precious life is and how there is no guarantee that we will even live past today.

I can’t help but feel tremendous sadness today knowing that someone I care about has very little time left on this earth.  How do you prepare yourself for losing someone?  Sure, everyone is going to die someday.  I can only hope that those I care about will go to the same place for their forever life that I’m going, but there is so much uncertainty.  Even if they go to Heaven, will I see them again?  Sometimes people come into your life for such a short time but make a very lasting impression.   What if I didn’t make enough of an impression on them, will they remember me in Heaven?

The most precious commodity in our lives is time.  There is never enough of it and once it is gone, you can’t get it back.  Don’t waste today.  Do something positive with your day. Make it memorable.