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So if you saw my post a few months ago about trees, you will see that I am obsessed with trees.  I am fascinated by them.  Sometimes I find myself staring in absolute awe of them.


A couple of months ago when northern Michigan started to thaw, my youngest daughter and I took a trip out to a scenic park called Seven Bridges.  I had heard great things about this place several times from other Michiganders and decided to finally go check it out.  It isn’t a large place and it’s really a stretch to say they have seven bridges but for a tree lover, it was absolutely beautiful.  There were so many fascinating trees, trees with such character and personality.  Many of them had fallen and were ripped out of the ground roots and all by a major wind storm we had last fall.  Some were split and broken at the middle exposing their inner souls.  I must have taken over 100 pictures.


I look at trees and I wonder what kind of life they have experienced.  Like humans, some appear to have had a near perfect life with no bumps or bruises growing tall into the sky straight and unwavering while others have clearly experienced some sort of trauma shown in the way they have what some would consider deformations.  Those were the most beautiful to me.

Call me crazy, but I’ve spent a lot of time reading, drawing, and thinking about trees and the symbolism they represent.  To me trees are symbolic of life…yeah yeah call me Captain Obvious…but seriously if you think about it trees are the perfect representation of life.  They start from a small seed and grow extending out their branches.  When they are young, they are fragile and can easily be broken or injured.  Their injuries lead to scars or deformations.  As they get older, their bark begins to crack and peel.  Through-out their long lives they have developed strong roots stretching farther than we can even imagine.  They have seasons where they blossom and bloom and others where they transform their beauty into the rawest form when all their leaves fall off and prepare for regrowth.  They also care for all creatures by providing much-needed shelter and shade from the sun and protection from the elements.  Do you see what I mean?  Trees are amazing.  An amazing gift from God, a beautiful representation of life.  I am beyond obsessed with them.