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Do others call you Negative Nancy or have you nicknamed yourself that?  It is so easy to get caught up in what’s wrong in life or what someone else did wrong rather than seeing the blessings instead.  Today’s challenge is to stop all negative talk and complaining for 24 hours.  I always saw myself as an optimist rather than a pessimist so I thought this challenge would be a breeze for me.

I was definitely off the mark on this one.  I was a Negative Nancy and didn’t even know it. First thing out of bed and I was complaining about being so tired when I should have been thankful for having the ability to get out of bed.  Throughout the day I would either catch myself complaining or was reminded by my family that I wasn’t supposed to be complaining.  The thing is, my complaints were over small things…I am tired of the cold weather, why didn’t you tell me that we ran out of butter? or this house is just too small for what I want to do with my new business.  Did these things really matter in the grand scheme of things?  NO…not at all!  It was a very eye-opening experience for me.  I was ashamed of myself honestly.  I’ve got a pretty good life and here I was complaining about things of little importance.  I was taking my blessings for granted and couldn’t even see it.

Life isn’t perfect and that’s okay.  Being thankful for what I have instead of finding fault in things and others is what I will focus on more consciously.  This challenge has opened my eyes to my own behavior and I intend to make a change starting today.

Don’t let negativity clutter your thoughts.  Focus on the things you have and the people in your life rather than moan or complain about the things that aren’t quite perfect.  Put more positivity in your thoughts and in your life.

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