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me time relax

The challenge for day 11 is simple – just breathe.  Life can get very hectic at times with busy schedules, work, children, hobbies, etc…  I do an awful lot of worrying about everyone else and forget to take care of myself.  As a mom and wife, life can get pretty busy.  I spend more time making sure my family has everything they need and rarely take time for me.  When things get stressful my job is to make sure everyone else relaxes, but leave little time to concentrate on relaxing myself.  I spend many nights going to bed so tense that I lie there awake for hours.

Today’s challenge is a welcome one.  I could sure use some me time so today is the day.  I decided to relax by taking a nice hot bubble bath paired with some spa music, a glass of moscato, candles, and a good mystery novel.  I spent about 45 minutes secluded from my family enjoying the rare peace and quiet.  It was quite calming.  My family was very respectful of my alone time and left me without interruption.  Since they were so quiet the entire 45 minutes, I expected to be bombarded once I was done with “mom, can you do this?” or “mom check this out”, but surprisingly that didn’t happen.  For the rest of the evening, my family continued to keep things calm so that I could stay relaxed.  I have the most awesome and thoughtful family and I am so thankful for them.

When life gets too busy, stop and take some time for yourself.  Don’t let yourself get rundown.  Just breathe, you deserve it!

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