Sorry for not posting over the past week, but I had to take a trip out of town with my family and wasn’t given much time to keep up with my blog.  I also wasn’t able to keep up with every day of my challenge, but I was able to complete some of them.  Now that I am home I intend to complete the days I couldn’t and catch up my blog on the ones I could.

Day 7’s challenge was to sing out loud in my car.  This is one challenge that I was able to complete while out of town.  Last Wednesday, my husband had some things to take care of with his previous employer and my daughter was taken out to lunch by her cousin that used to live here in Michigan with us so I was left alone.  We had driven all through the night on Tuesday and arrived in New York around 3:00 am Wednesday so I was exhausted and hungry when I woke up.  Corning, New York has the most amazing grocery store that I have ever been in.  I had been there once before two Thanksgiving’s ago when we visited Corning and I was blown away.  Back home, we had a grocery store named HEB, that was much like Wegman’s, but not quite as awesome.  If you are as obsessed with food as I am, walking into Wegman’s is like walking into heaven.  They make fresh sushi while you wait, have fresh-baked cookies, donuts, muffins, a specialty coffee shop, a buffet of Asian food, pizza, subs, etc…  Never go into Wegman’s if you are hungry.  I walked in to get something for lunch and ended up with a ton of sushi, chicken wings, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins, a couple of donuts and a coke.  I think I gained 5 pounds just walking in.

When I left Wegman’s I was so excited.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot one of my favorite songs came on the radio as I was searching for a radio station.  I was a huge Def Leppard fan when I was in high school and my favorite song of theirs was ‘Love Bites’.  It was a perfect time for me to belt it out in the car without caring who watched.  As I pulled out onto the street, I was shaking my head, doing a drum solo on the steering wheel and singing like I was standing on stage with Joe Elliott.  It felt GREAT!!  I got back to my husband’s uncle’s house, ate some spicy shrimp rolls and chicken wings and reveled in the happiness.  It was awesome.

I think I will make singing out loud in the car a regular occurrence.  I suggest you all try it at least once.  It is liberating.

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