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Today’s challenge is to focus on life’s blessings rather than the negative things in life.  Sometimes that can be difficult.  Just 3 days ago my husband was laid off from his job unexpectedly.  He was working for an oilfield company and as I’m sure you know, the oilfield has been tanking for quite some time.  My husband was last among his position to be laid off and it was a big blow to us as he is our financial provider and we thought his job was safe according to a call he received just 2 days before.

When he called me and told me he was laid off, he was still traveling back from a job in Ohio and wouldn’t be home for several hours.  He had to drive all alone with the stress and worry about how he was going to take care of his family.  I can only imagine how horrible that was for him.  I told him that we would find a way and that I had faith.

God is good and does work miracles, because within 2 hours of being laid off, he was called by an old supervisor and offered another job.  Now this opportunity has a lot of unanswered questions at this time and could possibly mean moving temporarily, but it’s a job nonetheless.  My husband had just said 2 weeks ago that he finally wanted out of the oilfield as he’s been in it almost 30 years.  So his being laid off is what I call a blessing in disguise.  God answers our prayers in his own way sometimes making us sweat it out a bit so that we can appreciate it that much more.

So on this day that I am challenged to find only the blessings in my life, I count this new adventure and job opportunity for my husband and our family as a blessing.  I am also blessed with an amazing family who I am so very proud of.  We are all healthy and happy.  We have a roof over our head, a refrigerator full of food and great friends.  For all these reasons and more I am blessed beyond belief.

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