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God, bold, pray

So now it’s on to day 3 of the challenge.  Today’s challenge is much easier for me than yesterday’s challenge.  I am to spend time with God both in the morning and at night.  I try to talk with God daily already.  So on this day before I got out of bed I spent a few minutes talking with my friend.

I started my prayer with gratitude.  I feel it is important to first thank God for all that I am blessed with.   I owe Him thanks and praise for the things in my life.  I thank Him for my family and my happiness, my health, the stunning beauty that I get to see every day in this gorgeous place I get to live. Usually the bulk of my prayer time is spent with thanks. Once I have honored Him with thanks and praise, I then pray for guidance and wisdom to live out His wishes for the day.

I must admit, I am still learning to use my prayer time in a way that honors God.  I’ve done a lot of reading about prayer.  I used to be afraid to ask for big things for fear that God would think I was being selfish or greedy, but I have since learned that God wants us to pray BIG!  He likes to be challenged also.  God can do all things and through Him we can also so don’t be afraid to pray for what you need no matter how big.

As my day came to a close, I spent some time with God again.  For this session, my prayers were very much the same.  I make sure to give him credit for the time I spent with family and for making it home safely from a trip across the state.

I will continue to pray each morning and each night as everything I am and all that I have is because of Him.

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