Day 2 of the be a better me challenge was to compliment a stranger.  Day 1 was about learning to love myself so that I can learn to love others so it is only appropriate that I should be kind to a stranger.

To be honest, this challenge was a bit hard to complete.  I had a hard time remembering to pay attention to others rather than what I was doing myself.  My daughter and I were out running errands and stopped at 4 stores before  I remembered my challenge.  As we were walking out of the first store, my daughter says “Mom, you didn’t complement anyone”.  I will at our next stop, I would tell her, but by the time we would get to the next place, I was so focused on what we had to get that once again, until we were walking out, I forgot to complete the challenge.

At the 4th place I remembered again as we were walking out.  Thankfully there was a couple that walked out right behind us.  As we held the door for them, I remembered so I immediately told the woman that I loved her hair and I was genuine about it.  She had a really cute feisty haircut that was short with a braid on the side.  It reminded me when I was younger and much thinner, I could have sported that same do.  Now adays with the chubby cheeks that I have, those short haircuts just don’t look as flattering as they once did.

When I complimented her, she couldn’t help by smile.  Success!!!  We actually talked about her haircut as we walked to our cars.  So although it nearly took me all day, I completed the challenge and it felt great to make her feel good.

If you would like to read about the entire 21 day challenge, you can find it here.