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follow your dreams

I had a dream a few months ago that resulted in my waking up thinking, “I need to make pillowcases.”  No, I haven’t lost my marbles…yet.  That seems like a very strange thing to wake up thinking to me also.  Everyone already has pillowcases.  They come as a set with bed sheets.  Why should people buy more pillowcases from me?  Well, I’m still not sure I have the complete answer to that.  Other than I have a very strong feeling this is what God wants me to do.  So I’m going to do it.  I’m going to start sewing pillowcases today.  I went out over the weekend and bought some really cool fabrics and I’m going to make some really cool pillow cases.

I’m going to make your not so standard pillowcases for your bed as well as removable pillowcases for those decorative pillows on your couches as well as covers for your dog and cat beds.  They are going to be in all different colors, designs and sizes and are going to have some special little touches to add some flare and pizzazz to your home.

The best part of this whole adventure is that a portion of the proceeds is going to go towards helping end domestic and sexual violence. Now I know God didn’t tell me to make pillowcases so that I can get rich.  He told me to make them so that I can help support this cause to stop violence in our homes.

I have a lot to do to put all of this together and make a successful go at it.  I have just started with my business plan and am working on how much to charge for each pillowcase, how much I will contribute to each organization, which organizations I should focus on… I have not yet put all the business pieces together, but I will find the answers to all those questions this week as I get to work.

I will be praying a lot for discipline as I’ve gotten quite used to sitting my butt on the couch and watching television.  I will also be asking God for guidance as I determine which organization(s) to support.  My first thought was to support local shelters as I know they need all the help they can get.  I will definitely support them, but I want to make a more proactive stance to try to stop the violence by providing resources to help educate men, women, and children.


So, I am scared to death, but excited to see where God leads me and my family.  I have complete faith in Him and know that with His help, I can do my part to make a difference.  I have already set up my work station and I am ready to start working.  Wish me luck!