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I read an article this morning about a moving company in California that helps survivors get out of abusive relationships.  Meathead Movers provides moving services for free to survivors of domestic violence who need help getting away from their abuser.  They have partnered with many California women’s shelters to provide a safe way for women and children in their area to get away.

We all know how difficult it is to get away from an abuser.  I remember the first time I moved out.  I’ll never forget that day.

He had offered to help me move my things out because he did not want anyone else in the house helping me.  On the morning of the move I woke up to him being gone.  He wouldn’t answer his phone so I started moving things on my own.  I finally reached him and he said he wasn’t going to help me.  So now, with the help of just 2 of my girl friends I had to move my things myself into a 2nd floor apartment.  I had already made a couple of trips on my own and headed back to the house for another load and he showed up.  I was trying to move my daughters’ bunk bed out and he came in yelling and screaming at me.  I decided to scrap the idea of getting anything with him there so I told the girls to get in the truck.  As I was heading to the truck he was throwing their bunk bed out of the door and into the yard.  I ran back to the door to ask him to stop and remind him that it was his daughters’ bed that he was destroying, not mine.  With one remaining piece of the heavy wooden bed he slammed me to the concrete.  My daughter (5 years old then) comes running from the truck crying and yelling “Daddy stop!  Please daddy stop!”  It tore my heart clean out of my chest hearing my daughter beg her father to stop hurting her mother.  I yelled at her to run and I did the same.  I barely got my truck door closed and locked as he was jumping on the running boards hanging on by the rack on the top of my truck.  I sped out of the driveway as he slid off the truck leaving my girls’ bed in pieces on the ground.  We all cried almost the whole way to my new apartment.  As we drove the 15 minutes to our new safe place, I couldn’t help but continue to look in the rearview mirror expecting to see him following us.

If only I had known about a moving company in Texas that offered free moving services, I could have spared my daughters that horrible memory.

Meathead Movers has been helping survivors for almost 20 years with most of the world not even knowing about it.  Since they are getting so much media attention, other businesses in California have begun to reach out and help survivors with things like free facials and haircuts, donating to local women’s centers, etc…  My hope is that more people will hear about the generosity of these companies and other companies will follow suit all around the world, not just in California.

If you know of any other moving companies or other service providers that offer free services to survivors of abuse, please comment below so that we can share this information to others who aren’t aware.

The full article about Meathead Movers and their amazing support for survivors is available here: Movers Help Domestic Violence Survivors