Silent Fight

by Shellbie Priest

Her smile was bright, her laugh it was loud.

Who would have known about her dark cloud?


She had scars from the past and bruises from the present day.

And yet somehow she couldn’t bear the thought of throwing that love away.


Things the world cannot see does not mean they cannot be.

Domestic violence is real and it’s growing, but the hope is soon we’ll be unafraid and the bruises will start showing.


Men were meant to cherish a woman, yet somewhere in time that lesson was left behind.

Some seem good and some seem bad but it’s just the start; unfortunately they have one thing on their mind and it’s not our hearts.


After all they can’t feel the pain the victim feels so subconsciously it is easier for them to deal.

So much disrespect we’ll never be able to forget, but good news is your story isn’t over yet.


He only hits when he drinks and trust me I know that’s what you want so badly to think.

But the next night he’s sober so you think it’s safe to tell him it’s over.


I’ve been there before when he slams the door.

And you feel a fear inside as you start to shake more and more.

You try to get out but he slams your body to the cold hard floor.


You’re shocked he wasn’t drinking this time, but the power of his anger possessed his mind.

The fighting progressed and the neighbors can hear you weep so he decides to hit you just hard enough to put you to sleep.


I know the story all too well, it’s one I’ve only recently chosen to tell.

It’s been a good hour and you wake up thinking “Thank God this man let me keep breathing”.


But he is despised by the mere thought of you opening your eyes.

He may say that it’s all because he loves you as he holds you tight trying yet again to excuse this fight.


You’ve had enough and refuse to listen so you turn away as to not look at his face.

He didn’t take that reaction well and he begins to yell.


But his voice fades fast as you fall to the floor, a knife in your back is too hard to ignore.

That is the end of that fight and your forever at peace because Heaven gained an angel tonight.