/ˌənrəˈmärkəb(ə)l/ Adjective – Not particularly interesting or surprising

This is a word that I never would have used to describe myself 20 years ago, but it seems to fit now that I’m older.  I heard this word a couple of weeks ago and it struck me…that’s exactly what I’ve become.  I don’t think any of us grow up and think “I will be ordinary”.  I always thought I was more than ordinary, more than plain or expected.  I used to love a good challenge.  Over time, life’s little hiccups or bad turns latch on to us, onto our shoulders making our walk much heavier.  They weigh us down and before we know it, we are dragging our feet slumped over no expression on our faces just shuffling through life feeling insignificant – feeling unremarkable.

Not anymore.  Today will be an extraordinary day…not an simple run of the mill day.  Today is the day to take charge and brush the extra weight off your shoulders, stand up straight, put a smile on that face and walk with a bit of a bounce in your step.  Be remarkable, have a remarkable day.  Make the day remarkable for someone else.

Don’t let yourself get in a rut.  If you do, recognize it and change it.  Life is yours.  Do with it what you wish, but don’t make it unremarkable because you only get one shot.

happiness is an inside job