Why-BlogThere are really 2 reasons I started blogging.  The main reason was for my own sanity honestly.  When I started my job a year ago, I quickly found it difficult to handle all the ugliness that I was exposed to every day.  I was lucky to office next to one of our prosecutors who would regularly talk to me about the more difficult cases and allow me to decompress.  I still take some of it home with me, but due to the confidential nature of my job, I can’t share with my husband in much detail what I am dealing with or anyone else for that matter so it was nice to have her to chat with.  A few months ago, she left our office so I was all alone in a big office to deal with everything by myself.  It didn’t go well to be honest.  I found myself crying at my desk more than once.  Luckily not many people come into my office unexpectedly so I was never caught crying.  I figured it was time I did something to help me vent so I started writing each work day.  It has been very therapeutic.  It’s a way for me to find peace in my own mind.

The other, and really more important reason I blog, is to try to help others like me or those who are a little farther behind in their journey towards healing.  I want to raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse.  I find that so many people can’t understand why a victim acts or says the things they do or what they are living with.  To someone who has never experienced that type of trauma, it is very difficult to relate or make sense of it.  I hope that I can help it make sense.  My blog is still very new and I don’t have many flowers, but I’m getting there.  I do hope that some of what I say helps those who take the time to read.  I’ve had a few very positive comments and that keeps me going.

I recently went through a “funk” for a bit, but I hope that my followers stuck with me and continue to support what I’m trying to do.   I’d also love to hear from others on what it is they’d like to discuss on the topic.  I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I am not afraid of researching and finding the answers.  Blogging isn’t as easy as it may seem.  I’m really not that interesting of a person, but I’m giving it all I’ve got.

Why do you blog?  Is it just for fun, or is it therapy for you too?