BillyI have the perfect housewife.  Yes, I said housewife.  It really isn’t the best word, but it’s what I call him.  My husband is a way better housewife than I am.  Not to take away his masculinity because he is a very manly man but has a wonderful soft side.  You see he loves me so much, he feels he has to do everything for me on top of working a full time job (often more than full time).  In the beginning of our relationship, it drove me crazy.  Still does at times, but I appreciate him and what he does.  At first I felt like he was taking away my independence.  I would argue with him about him not letting me do the dishes.  Stupid…I know.  I just wanted to do my part.

So get this…he does laundry, dishes (by hand…we have no dishwasher), cooks, cleans, helps with homework, makes my lunch for work, goes to the grocery store, etc…  He spoils me terribly.  Now I do all these things too, but he definitely does way more laundry than I do and he vacuums nearly every day.  I hate laundry but I think he loves it.  On days when he is home doing paperwork, he will wash all the laundry in the house.  He even folds it and puts it away or hangs things in my closet.  Amazing!!!  Usually with meals, it’s a combined effort.  One of us cooks and the other does the dishes.  We make a great team.  He helps with homework or school projects.  Cooks me breakfast before work if I want it.  He makes the bed while I’m taking a shower and walks Kailee out to the bus stop nearly every morning.  He is the perfect housewife.

There are times when I feel like I’m not keeping up with my part.  I come home from work mentally exhausted and all I want to do is put my comfy clothes on and plop down on the couch with him.  But he’s a busy body.  He will be folding laundry or cooking dinner and I feel like I have to get up and help him.  I feel bad for being lazy.  Most of the time he doesn’t let me help though.  He tells me to sit down and relax while he takes care of everything.  I am learning to relax while he is slaving for me because that’s what he wants to do.  It makes him feel good to do so much for me.  He tells me all the time that he doesn’t feel like he does enough for me.  Can you believe that?  I hit the jackpot with this guy for sure.  But I don’t want him to be my slave and feel like he has to do everything for me all the time.  I want him to know that I will love him even if he doesn’t do all these things for me.  I love him for who he is and for who he lets me be.  He is an amazing man.  Amazing really doesn’t even cut it.  He is beyond any adjective I could use to describe him.  I just know that I love him so very much and I appreciate everything he does for me and our kids.  We are so lucky to have him in our life.