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HOPE…We all lose hope at times in our life.  We lost hope when we were abused, when we felt stuck.  For some, hope has ceased to exist for many years.  For me, hope was almost always present.  Of course there were moments where I questioned God, but I always knew He was there with me, picking me up each time I fell.  Some people will claim there is no God – if there was how could He let these things happen to me?  It’s okay to think that way honestly.  The thing is though, God gave us all free will and with that comes pain, hurt, abuse, sadness, loneliness, etc. when others make choices to hurt us.  God didn’t let these things happen to you.  He stands beside you and it hurts Him deeply when we are hurt.  He is with us even when we curse Him and push Him out of our lives.  He never leaves our side.  You may not always feel His presence, but trust me, He is there.  If we let God hold the torch to light our way and guide us through the storm, the rain will eventually subside.  I can’t promise you that life will automatically get better, but your way of thinking will change.  You will feel loved and worthy.  You will experience hope and with hope (and God) all things are possible.

My abuse started when I was 7.  It was “only” emotional abuse, but very traumatizing none the less.  It was hard and I hurt for a long time, but I knew God would carry me through.  When I was 19, I was raped.  At 27 I married a man who hit me, choked me, and emotionally abandoned me.  No matter what struggles I went through, I don’t remember ever asking God, why me?  Of course I always heard the old saying “God never gives you what you can’t handle”.  I believed that, but as I got older I realized there was something terribly wrong with that statement.  God doesn’t give us the pain.  He is not to blame for what others did to us.  If you believe in good, you have to believe in evil.  That evil power, the Devil, is the root of hurt and pain.  God gives us hope to survive and conquer the evil.  It is your choice…remember free will?  You are the only one that can change your life…starting with HOPE!

Hope Changes EverythingEven if you choose not to believe in God or are angry at Him, you can still have hope.  I link my hope to God, but hope can still be there.  Hope for a better day, hope for real love, hope for happiness, hope for freedom, hope that the pain will end.  That hope can be real for you.  Find a support person, believe in yourself, and demand what you deserve.  Take one day at a time, have patience and know that someday you will get there as long as you continue to hope.  The minute you lose hope, you are giving in to the evil and letting it win.  I want YOU to win with hope!