Today is a day of happiness.  I started to talk about victims who recant, but decided that I needed a much happier subject today.  It is a gloomy cool day in Northern Michigan so I need a bit of lightheartedness and cheer to brighten the day.  I am going to talk about my family.  I have to start by saying that I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I have a wonderful husband, 6 fantastic children, 2 grandchildren, and an unofficially adopted daughter and granddaughter.

Billy and I are celebrating our 1 year Wedding Anniversary on Sunday and I am so thankful for him each and every day.  I truly believe God placed him in my life at the perfect time.  I was not looking for him.  I had looked my whole life for that man that could fix my brokenness and heal my wounds, but only ended up with more scars.   I didn’t like myself enough so I settled for what I thought I deserved.  I finally began to see myself through God’s eyes and I was happy with who I was as a person.  I was good being a single mom.  I didn’t need a man.  Hah!  God had other plans for me.  He brought the most amazing, caring, selfless person into my life and my heart was immediately filled with a love that I had never experienced.  It was and is AWESOME!!!  I just hope I have a long life to live so that I can share it with him.  He is proof that there is love out there for everyone.  You just have to love yourself enough to let someone love you the way you deserve.

Waylon is the oldest.  He is my husband’s son and is 24.  He has 2 handsome sons, Waylon Jr., or Little Way, as we like to call him, and Alexander Rock.  The boys are growing so fast and are fun to watch on Facebook.  Waylon always makes me laugh.  He has such a kind heart.  We don’t get to see them as much as we would like because they live back in Texas, but we are trying to get them to come visit before the ice age hits here.

Next comes Samantha, my oldest daughter.  She is 20 years old and is in her 3rd year at Indiana University.  She is absolutely beautiful inside and out.  I gleam with pride each time I think of her.  In fact, I have the biggest smile on my face this very moment.  She is so smart and responsible and caring and funny, and a little clumsy…  She has a smile that lights up a room and you just want to be around her.  Every time she calls me Momma, my heart fills with joy.

Jacob, Jake, is my son.  He is 17 and is a senior in high school.  He is in Marching Band and Drumline and he is sooo good at it.  His school is ranked 3rd in the nation and 1st in Indiana for I don’t know how many years running.  He plays in the pit so he gets to be a bit dramatic while he hammers away on the xylophone and marimba.  Just like his sister, he was blessed with the smart gene.  On top of a crazy band schedule he manages to keep great grades in AP classes and works a part time job and all with a huge smile on his face.   He is goofy and kind, very very handsome, sensitive in all the right ways and isn’t afraid to tell his mom that he loves me.

Nichol is the 4th child in our brood.  She just turned 14 on Saturday.  I can’t believe how quickly they grow.  She is quite the athlete.  She plays Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball and Tennis  for her school.  She also plays Volleyball with a traveling league.  Volleyball is by far her favorite.  She has long blonde hair and big beautiful blue eyes.  She is also very beautiful, loves to laugh and is so full of sarcasm.  Oh my gosh…the sarcasm.  If there was a class, she would get an A+.  She is very shy at first though and doesn’t like to venture out to meet new people much.  Once she knows you…look out.  It’s on!

Grace is Billy’s daughter.  She is 13 for another month.  She is a freshman in high school and is on the JV Volleyball team and the Kalkaska Swim team.  She has played volleyball for years with her mom and is pretty darn good.  I am jealous of her curly hair.  She is very tall, smart, caring, and beautiful.  She will befriend anyone and will always be loyal.  She has a huge heart, but that means it gets broken or hurt easily.  I hate to see her hurt.

Last but not least is my pistol, Kailee.  She is 10 going on 25 and full of piss and vinegar.  She wears basketball shorts, a shirt that doesn’t match and long athletic socks with high tops to school most every day.  She has a style of her own and I embrace it.  She is very much a tomboy and proud of it.  She can bait her own fishing pole and take the fish off without help.  She loves to hunt just like Nichol and Grace.  She spends most of her time playing outside with her best friend Luca who lives down the street.  She plays basketball and softball for her school.  Kailee is a tough cookie, but loves  with everything she has.  She, unlike Nichol, doesn’t have a shy bone in her body.  She has never met a stranger.  Once she has a hold on you, you will never break free of her.

My adoptive daughter and granddaughter are Shellbie and Annaliese.  Shellbie was a victim that I worked with.  She grabbed hold of my heart and I couldn’t let go.  She has come so far and I am so proud of her.  She still has a way to go, but she is strong and patient and I believe in her whole heartedly.  She doesn’t realize how beautiful she is, but I do and I will do anything I can to help her.  Anna is her 2 year old daughter.  She is full of so much life and orneriness.  She calls Billy, Pawpaw which melts my heart every time I hear it.  We have adopted them into our family and love them like our own.  I can’t wait to watch both of them grow up.

There is so much more I could say about my family, but this blog is long enough already.  I love each of them so very much and am proud to be a part of their lives.