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2nd chance

Today I am starting something new to get this blog started.  Each day I will start my workday by taking a few moments to write a little.  I hope this will help me to start each day with a bit more positivity, less stress, and a little closer to God.  First, I have to thank God for this glorious day and for allowing me to participate in it once again.  Coming in to my office, I realize this Texas girl has become acclimated to the Michigan weather.  It was 46 degrees and I am in short sleeves and loving it.  The sun is shining, the sky is clear and God’s presence is welcome.

So…what’s my day look like?  Well I have 2 victims/survivors coming in today…one is 51 and the other is 10.  Very different stories, but both tragic.  Today they are both coming in to stand strong and be heard.  The last couple of weeks have been, to say the least, extremely challenging for me.  There have been a rash of cases come in involving sexual abuse/assault and it is truly heartbreaking.  There have been a few days that really took all that I had just to make it through some of the interviews and phone calls.  But, I am here and I push through the triggers, the flashbacks and the tears.  I have listened to wives or girlfriends talk about the abuse from their partners and beg to be reunited with them.  I have listened to children talk about being sexually assaulted by strangers, fathers, uncles, and classmates.  I have watched women walk out the door knowing that they are going to be hurt again.  I listened to a man who was so embarrassed to talk about his girlfriend and her abusive behavior toward him, but he just doesn’t know what else to do to get her the help she needs.  I try to comfort them and encourage them and I tell them they will get through this in time.  I remind them how strong they are and that telling their story to the police is/was the right thing to do.  In the beginnings of a case, they sometimes can’t see that, but after a couple of weeks it starts to feel better.  They start to see that life can be better for them.  They have support now and they aren’t going through this alone.  I made it through so I know they can too and I will do everything I can to help them get through it.  Not all days are bad though.  Yesterday I got to call a family and tell them that the man they have feared for over 2 years is finally in jail with a less than stellar view and that their family will now be able to get some justice and some peace for their child.  That was an awesome feeling and a great day.  Today will be a great day too.  I just know it.

God, as I start my day, please give me the strength to get through today, the wisdom to make good decisions and say the right things, the faith and hope to transfer to those I am faced with and the compassion I need to help them through this terrible time in their life.  Please wrap your heavenly arms around me today and keep me on the right path, the path that you have chosen for me.  Thank you Lord for another beautiful day to do your work.